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David and Leslie co-authored Money Matters for Financial Freedom: The Fast Path to Abundance in Life and Business to share specific tools and methods for becoming financially free. David served on the advisory board for the University of Kentucky Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering for many years. He and his wife, Leslie, formed a foundation called #ShippyGivesBack through which they volunteer their time and money to worthy causes.

Money Matters for Financial Freedom


David and Leslie Shippy went from a middle-class life to financial freedom in three short years. They were able to replace both of their multiple six-figure incomes and walk away from corporate America. Their first three apartment investments tripled their investors’ money. They have since gone on to purchase and manage a portfolio of apartments that consists of over 8300 units and is worth over $1 billion. Money Matters for Financial Freedom reveals the principles they used to do so.

David and Leslie’s detailed guide provides specific examples and skills that shift readers’ thinking from a middle-class mindset to a financially free millionaire mindset. It outlines specific techniques and leadership skills necessary for running a multimillion-dollar business, along with step-by-step examples of how to manage money, create multiple business streams of income, and enable financial freedom!

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