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David Shippy, inducted into University of Kentucky's College of Engineering’s Hall of Distinction

On April 23, David Shippy, alumni of the University of Kentucky was inducted into the College of Engineering’s Hall of Distinction.

Established in 1992, the Hall of Distinction recognizes and honors those alumni who have demonstrated distinguished professional accomplishments, outstanding character and commitment to community service. This recognition serves to encourage exemplary achievements by current students and others. It is a symbol of the respect and admiration held by the UK College of Engineering for these esteemed individuals.

David Shippy served as IBM’s chief architect and technical leader in the area of high-performance microprocessor chips, which included technology for handheld devices, notebook computers, desktop computers, game machines, mainframes and supercomputers. He led the architecture team for the microprocessor technology in the Deep Blue supercomputer that was the first computer to defeat a human, Garry Kasparov, in a game of chess. Later, Shippy became the chief architect for the supercomputer on a chip technology in the Xbox/360 and PlayStation/3, which set speed records. He holds over 50 patents in the computer engineering field. Shippy is currently CEO of the Shippy Multifamily Group, which syndicates and manages a portfolio of real estate properties valued at nearly $1 billion.

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