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How to Become a Motivational Speaker, Commit First and Then Figure Out How to Do it Later

When it comes to the topic of how to become a motivational speaker, we recommend taking the approach of “ready, fire, aim”, as we talk about this in our book “Money Matters for Financial Freedom”. You don’t have to have all the answers when you commit. You simply need to combine your passions with your area of expertise or talents.

After the first book, a major Fortune 500 company approached requested to give a motivational presentation, on leadership in high tech, to an audience of several hundred people. I had no experience at the time. They asked me if I was a motivational speaker. With zero experience I didn’t hesitate and said, “Why, yes I am a motivational speaker!”


Of course, I then went on to create an awesome presentation that tapped into my passions and talents. I also practiced, practiced, and practiced giving the presentation.

I opened the presentation with impact by telling a compelling story. I then covered several important points that created a benefit for the audience. Finally, I closed with impact and a call to action. It’s that simple! I knocked it out of the ballpark!

My wife, Leslie, is also a successful motivational speaker. She practiced the “10,000-hour” rule. After many years in the counseling field, she joined a practice that taught seminars and workshops. She was excited to learn the art of presenting and delivering exceptional information and life-changing tools to large audiences.

It took some time to perfect her style, delivery, and message. She also practiced, practiced, practiced and watched the reactions, the smiles, the nods in the audience. She also listened to feedback from the audience and from colleagues.

Leslie knew she had great content and that finding the right mix of information as well as developing dynamic delivery was skilled to be developed.

Before too long, her feedback became outstanding and she knew at that point she was truly making a difference in the lives of her audience. When she was reviewed as an “all-time best speaker”, Leslie knew she had arrived!

We now speak together as a team and teach powerful techniques to achieve financial freedom. We combine our passion for teaching with our knowledge of creating streams of income. In summary: find your message and passion, find your audience, tell stories that create connection, and finally deliver a message that has an impact.

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