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Leslie & David Shippy on their book- Money Matters for Financial Freedom.

In their latest book Leslie & David Shippy can speak to how they both quit their ‘day-jobs’ in corporate America in less than 5 years and developed a “Millionaire Mindset” and multiple streams of income to become mega successful multi-millionaires! Leslie used the technique of positive energy, visualization, creativity and innovation and so did her husband. See below.

Leslie & David Shippy in their hit new book Money Matters for Financial Freedom provide a ‘how to” on developing other income streams so that you can replace your ‘day job’ within 3-5 years (as they did).

There are valuable lessons on developing:

  • A “Millionaire Mindset”

  • Finding Your One Thing for Financial Freedom,

  • Build Winning Relationships

  • Developing a Network of Coaches/Mentors/Attending Seminars/Webinars/Becoming an Expert on Your Subject

  • Create Massive Goals/Take Massive Actions,

  • Exercise Innovation & Creativity

  • Channeling Positive Vibrations & Energy

Roadmap to Achieving this freedom by Creating Multiple Business Streams of Income.

New Book Reveals How To Achieve Financial Freedom Within 5 Years!

Even a successful couple earning six-figure annual incomes don’t have true financial freedom. David and Leslie Shippy went from being a middle-class couple to obtaining financial freedom in just a few short years. Leaving their day jobs behind and leaving corporate America to live their dreams, the Shippys uncovered the secret to wealth – and now want to give back and teach it to others with their new book, Money Matters for Financial Freedom The Fast Path to Abundance in Life and Business (Morgan James Publishing, $17.95, Trade Paper, ISBN: 978-1-64279-089-4, April, 2019).

The Shippys pursued their wealth through real estate and currently manage a portfolio of apartments that consist of over 3,000 units and is worth over $350 million. Money Matters for Financial Freedom reveals the principles they used to make that leap to wild success happen.

“With the right mindset, goals, and actions, you can achieve anything – including financial freedom in less than five years,” asserts Leslie, who used to be a social worker. “When opportunity keeps knocking, you need to open the door. I believe that what you focus on is what you bring into your life. If you focus on limitations and hardship, then you get more of that. If you focus on financial freedom, you will bring that into your life.”

Prior to striking it rich, David honed his leadership and entrepreneur skills in his engineering career. At IBM, he led an international team of 250 engineers that created the microprocessor technology in Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. At a small tech start-up he led over 100 engineers develop the micro-processor technology in the iPhone and iPad. But it wasn’t until he invested in real estate did he find the peace of mind that comes with wealth.

“This book is about creating successful businesses that generate massive income streams,” claims David. “We help others understand that with the right mindset, goals, and actions anyone can achieve success.”

Their book teaches:

  • The fundamental abundance principles and how to commit to excellence.

  • How to build winning relationships in business.

  • Ways to take a creative idea and turn it into a reality.

  • How to set goals, narrow down your mission, and take action.

  • How to develop a millionaire mindset and focus your thoughts on what will manifest in your life.

  • How to create habitual positive thoughts by taking a 7-day positive thought and positive word challenge.

“You will learn powerful skills to attract and take action toward the life of your dreams,” adds Leslie. “You will also learn the importance of developing daily habits to support your financial success.”

The Shippys also:

  • Teach powerful techniques for creating multiple business streams of income.

  • Show how one can make it big in real estate – and other industries.

  • Reveal to readers how to develop daily habits that support financial success.

  • Share step-by-step examples of how to manage money.

  • Outline proven techniques and leadership skills necessary for running a multi-million-dollar business.

“Shift your mindset to positive thoughts of abundance,” says Leslie. “Focus daily on what you are grateful for. Find your passion and purpose for living. Create clear and measurable goals. Take daily massive action on these goals.”

So how does one get started to reach financial freedom?

“First, pick a small goal that you can achieve in the next three months,” writes David. “For example, this could be taking action on creating a new income stream. This could be investing in your first real estate deal, writing a book, researching franchise, or investing in a well-planned stock market investment. Set up a morning routine that supports this goal. Visualize every day what your life will look like when you complete this one goal. Spend at least one to two hours a day on this goal. Soon it will become a habit. Then, before you know it, three months will pass and you will achieve your first goal.”

About The Authors

David Shippy is an investor entrepreneur, mentor, speaker, and educator. He is an expert in business leadership and led successful design teams for products like the PlayStation, Xbox, iPhone, and iPad. David, along with Leslie Shippy, owns and manages a portfolio of apartments that consists of over 3,000 units and is worth over $350 million. He is a real estate investment expert and is frequently interviewed on television and radio shows and has done many speaking engagements regarding apartment real estate investing.

Leslie Shippy is an investor, entrepreneur, mentor, speaker, and educator. She is an expert in human development and has a proven track record of over twenty-five years running successful businesses. Leslie, along with David Shippy, owns and manages a portfolio of apartments that consists of over 3,000 units and is worth over $350 million. She is a real estate investment expert and has done many speaking engagements regarding apartment real estate investing.

They live in Austin, Texas. For more information, please consult:

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